Fine Arts Magnet

Magnet application We educate the whole child through the power of the arts. The curriculum is designed to benefit language development, sharpen motor skills and broaden the mind while growing in knowledge. An education in the arts leads to strong reading proficiency, increased math abilities, and higher intelligence scores.

Arts-integrated instruction provides framework for critical thinking, accommodates a wide range of learning styles, and fosters self-esteem. Students celebrate the expression of meaning through a variety of artistic forms.

Fine Arts Curriculum

Students participate once a week in visual art, dance, instrumental music, vocal music/theatre, and physical education. Additionally, our teachers co-plan and co-teach arts integrated lessons using the district’s ELA curriculum.

After School Arts Program

Open to Nuner students, this program delivers an array of fine arts classes, including (but not limited to) courses in animation, creative drama, garage band, Shakespeare, fiber arts, watercolor painting, design, band, and sculpture.


Students are invited to be involved in a minimum of three major musical productions each school year, in addition to having their artwork displayed at two art shows. Select student groups are also featured throughout the year in our fall play, as well as at many community performances and local events.

Community Partnerships

Nuner Fine Arts Academy works closely with the University of Notre Dame DeBartolo Performing Arts Center. In conjunction with the Kennedy Center’s Partners In Education program, Teaching Artists from the Kennedy Center have administered Arts Integration training with students and staff at Nuner Fine Arts Academy for the last several years. Nuner teachers are given innovative techniques to use the arts as a vehicle for teaching in order to increase the artistic literacy of young people. Our families are also fortunate to be given complimentary vouchers to the world-renowned Presenting Series at the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center. We will continue creating professional development opportunities to help our Nuner family in understanding the beauty, depth, and range of the arts while providing them tools for regularly incorporating the arts into classroom life. Additionally, our staff and students benefit from weekly Drama Integration lessons with our 2nd and 3rd grade students led by the Outreach Director for Shakespeare at the Robinson Community Learning Center. We are proud to host a plethora of workshops, guest artists, artists-in-residence, and other opportunities which further enhance our offerings.

Cultural Immersion

Through another unique partnership with the University of Notre Dame, we have created a program that blends the arts with languages and cultures. We promote linguistic and cultural/societal awareness and provide exposure to many ethnicities so our students gain practical knowledge about the world. Currently, our Fulbright Scholars are introducing 4th and 5th grade Nuner students to Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, Portuguese, and Swahili.

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